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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rachel Maddow Is Not Running For US Senate T-Shirt

We here at Crocktees try to ride the political fence, tho it's pretty hard these days with one side just making it too easy for a little bit of humor. And when Kent Jones debuted the "Rachel Maddow is not running for US Senate" t-shirt, we said, "hey we want one of those!" But then Rachel said, "not available in stores," it kind of bummed us out. Until we realized.. oh wait, we can make one for ourselves! Well, long story short here is the Crocktees official "support Rachel Maddow for officially not running for anything t-shirt." Especially US Senate... you listening Mr. Brown? The Rachel Maddow Is Not Running For Senate T-Shirt. Officially unofficial from Crocktees!

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