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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hack-Off and Smack-Off T-Shirts Are Here

If your the best of the best, if you can run smack like Van Exel and make fun of Jason in Fullerton and Vic from NoCal in one breath... then you just might be ready for the Smack Off. But if not... well then you might as well flame out spectacularly! Be the bottom of the top shelf, wear some sweatpants, and stay on the other side of the "What do we do now river." Some things are just worth it and you could only be so lucky to be invited to the Hack Off. Crocktees, being huge fans of the Jim Rome, show brings you the unofficial Smack Off and Hack Off logo t-shirts. Be the best of best or flame out as the absolute worst, but whatever you do wear the gear to back it up!

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