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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More One Piece Tshirts!

Here is the Arlong Pirates, Arlong Jolly Roger Tshirt. Arlong is captain of the fishmen, and another great piece of artwork inspired by One Piece.

Here are 4 versions of the One Piece Galley-La Company tshirts. Represented are Luffy, Nami, Zoro, and Robin's individual Galley-La shirts.

Nico Robin Galley-La Company

Nami Galley-La Company

Roronoa Zoro Galley-La Company

Monkey D Luffy Galley-La Company

Monday, December 21, 2009

Jim Rome T Shirts at Crocktees

Jim Rome's Roy Jones take Cockfighting Across America Foundation tshirt. Support the chickens!

Jim Rome's XR4Ti Crew tshirt, support the crew that supports Jim and makes the Jim Rome show possible.

From Jim Rome's awesome Do You know Who I Am take comes the Jim Rome Celebrity Drunk Bus tshirt. 1-800-Baaahhhh is all you need to know.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ugly Sweater Tshirt

The Ugly Christmas Sweater TShirt from Crocktees. Available in sparkel print so you will be sure to get noticed.

Shark Trainer T Shirt

New from Crocktees: The Shark Trainer

San Francisco Trolley Tshirt from the Cable Car Series

Updated! The San Francisco Trolley t-shirt from Crocktees! And please view all of our Trolley and subway series shirts!

London Bus Route tshirt

New York Coney Island Subway

New York Subway tshirt

Detroit Trolley tshirt

Chicago Trolley tshirt

Anime Tshirts at Crocktees

The Full Metal Alchemist Ouroboros Tshirt

The Bleach Zanpakuto tshirt, one of many in the Crocktees Zanpakuto series.

The Full Metal Alchemist Human Transmutation tshirt, with all the "necessary" ingredients for human alchemy

The Princess Mononoke Kodoma tshirt

The Roronoa Zoro One Piece tshirt from Crocktees has been a great item. Updated and ready to go on American Apparel!

Trafalgar Law Jolly Roger T-shirt

Boa Hancock Jolly Roger T-Shirt

Roronoa Zoro tshirt

The Roronoa Zoro One Piece tshirt from Crocktees has been a great item. Updated and ready to go on American Apparel!

Monday, December 14, 2009

One more day for the 20% off sale!

Use code speical9 to get 20% off any sale of 35$ are more now at crocktees t-shirts. Humor t-shirts, world t-shirts, life t-shirts, and pop and jpop shirts all for sale at Crocktees!

New shirts right before the Holidays

A new offering from Crocktees, Bacon is my co-pilot t-shirt. Bacon should be the 5th food group anyways, or at least a condiment....

Another shirt in the anime j-pop section of Crocktees is the Full metal Alchemist Human Transmutation t-shirt. Complete with all the elements used in the human body, this is the list thought by alchemist needed to create life.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lots of new photos of Crocktees t-shirts

We have updated the site with more photos of Crocktees t-shirts on models with even more coming this weekend. Friend us on facebook and check them out from the photos section.
Gallery section of Crocktees coming soon!

Some updates

Updated the Sneaky t-shirt by Crocktees

Updated Good Things Come to Those Who Don't Deserve Them t-shirt by Crocktees

Updated Little Ball of Hate by Crocktees