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Friday, July 23, 2010

More great people to follow on Twitter

T-shirt Peeps

OMUNKY Eco friendly and animal approved.  You won't find many tweets more popular than @Omunky.  Plus they have a 1 year sale going on!  Check it out at

scaredpanda Great t-shirts and anything Chicago is the way of the Panda.  Also one of my favorite tees... the Scared Panda logo tee.  Animal DJ's for the win:

LovingThisTee Keep connected with the t-shirt world and all that is new and classic.  And if there's a sale you will bound to be notified by Bo and his blog.  T-Shirts your thing??  Hit up

More Tweeps from around the World

Nikki92HB Ink, jewels, and straight up so-cal, keep up with Nikki and all things cool with her blog  Plus updates every day as to where and where not to be in LA.  You'd serve well to follow her advice!

BigTechTony Awesome all around twttier guy and noted Crackberry guru.  Keep up with all things Berry and get wired in to twitter with Tony's Crib:

PacificCoastMom Just like the name says, straight from Washington comes the SAHM to 2 monsters by day and graduate student / caffeine junkie by night.  Not that you need any better tag line than that... but consider this.  A. she's hialrious, and B. she created our Chemist Do it Periodically shirt.  Follow now!  

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Zanpakuto Sword T-Shirt

Taking a page from sword gaming shirts making the rounds and some other classics, we have re-designed our Bleach Zanpakuto t-shirt!  Check out the new style.  And check out all of our other Bleach and anime t-shirts as well.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's Brad Miller Time! Crocktees Houston Rockets t-shirts

Brad Miller is the new edition to the Houston Rockets so we felt it was time to make a new edition to our Houston Rockets inspired t-shirt line.  It's (Brad) Miller Time!  Available from a variety of colors and styles, but always with plenty of Red Nation! 

Donquixote Doflamingo t-shirts at Crocktees

Real men wear pink. Don't think so? Well check out our line of One Piece t-shirts for Don Quixote Doflamingo. Available in black and white and traditional pink, but we all know which color you need to choose. Also check out our t-shirt designer to create any Doflamingo apparel.

Traflagar Law One Piece shirts at Crocktees

Traflagar Law finally has his own page at Crocktees. Check out our Men's, Women's, and the new baseball tee styles from the coolest man of the eleven super-novas. And need any One Piece and Law gear in other apparel? Check out our t-shirt designer!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Crocktees Twitter List

Looking for people to follow on Twitter? Where here is our first Twitter list at Crocktees. Great people all, and if you want to start a business or just get some great connections you can do no better than to start of following them.

Tees In A Pod Crew:
@ladyumbrellaltd - Fun Spanish artwork via Ireland is one of the benchmarks of how to start and run t-shirt company. Follow Rob and catch the wave that is LadyU, ole.
@naturecreations - Amanda uses photography and design for her unique Zazzle store and is a true hub of connections and information across Twitter. Want to be in loop? Follow!
@sogeshirts - Tim and Dave from Sogeshirts run a longtime successful t-shirt company with a ton of classic designs and an amazing following. One of the pioneers of POD.
@GritFX - From down under GritFx has a terrific Zazzle store and is the queen of pop culture tees. Absolutely owned LOST apparel on twitter and always onto the next trend.
@SupportSKs - A support site run by Manz of GritFx, created by and for the tee industry
@Teesinapod - The blog and podcast of all the above, giving their experience, advice, and humor to all comers. A true guidebook of the do's and dont's of running a business online.

Tees on Twitter
@inmyshortsleeve - West coast blog and all around tee resource, great place for anythnig and everything trending in t-shirts!
@Rizzotees - What can we say, the true social media master. A follow must.
@saucewear - Another twitter pro, holding down the East Coast with great designs and a model on how to run your business and create personal connections through twitterverse.
@YemaYema - Great artwork and one of our favorite designers on Twitter!
@Instnt_Classic - Sports. Design. Classic. Great work in a vintage style.
@zombieyeti - Awesome designs, works in progress, and tips on creation. The name says it all so step in to the darkness be enlightened.

Twitter Peeps Around the Word
@BrnEyeSuss - Like politics? Lean a bit left? Suss is the one that will keep you informed and entertained.
@joshuaarnao - SoCal transplant and Boston honk, all around social media and sports guru.
@Tommy139 - From across the pond our favorite Brit on twitter. Also a huge Bolton Wanderer and t-shirt fan if you need him.
@Nat_BWFC - Daughter of Tommy, greatness just runs through the family. Tees, sports, and wine. A great tri-fecta.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Houston Rockets Refuel T-Shirts

Just in time for summer league, check out our new line of Rockets gear. More designs to follow and if you have a player you want to see just send us a shout!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Back University T-Shirts Are Here!

Welcome to Beck University, established way back in 2010! Why learn from other "so called" institutions that teach facts and read books. At Beck U, for only 79$, you can be part of the university that FEELS it's way through history. Because in the end, it's really only the "thought" that counts in life. No matter if it is true or not... right? Beck U t-shirts at Crocktees! Go Beck U!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

A small twist from the British propaganda poster famous from WWII. Keep Calm and Carry On usually is topped with a British crown, but we feel that a good Gin & Tonic is quite royal enough! This tee is ready for any occasion and just right to keep the masses focused and at ease.

GOBP "Grand Old BP Party" T-Shirts

Inspired by Keith Olbermann's mention of the GOP, or rather the GOBP, Crocktees has made a logo Joe Barton would be proud of. If the GOP wishes to stay on the side of BP, then why not just merge the whole deal. GOBP by Crocktees, because oil is an issue no party should be siding with at the moment.