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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Offerings From Crocktees

In a tune up for Thanksgiving and our 25% off sale we have updated a few shirts from the categories of Life and J-Pop. Yaba Dabba Darwin and The Stiched Up Superstar. You don't have to be familiar with the content to enjoy the message, we do are best to be as universal as we can.

Celebrating the year of Darwin, an well maybe a few other themes... Crocktees brings you Yaba Dabba Darwin. Thinking what would have really happened in Bedrock, with a little inspiration from Jurassic Park, we came up with this image. Enjoy. We do.

A little anime action for you at Crocktees. It's the stitched up superstar. Straight from the latest One Piece episodes, Crocktees brings you the Roronoa Zoro Stitched Star. Pirate Hunter Zoro shows off the superstar logo complete with scar and stitches. What would swordsmanship be without a few cuts. Show in blue as in the anime, but all colors available.

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